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Data, data everywhere… Prediction Four

I started this series of blog with my concerns at the amount of data that exist today. You can read the blog here.

After this blog i took the hat of an astrologer and started prediction…😀. My prediction one can be read as a blog here.

My second prediction can be read here.

My third prediction can be read here.

You have a variety of mobile covers available today…

Have you seen a mobile cover which allows you to cover the cameras in your mobile phone at will?

I don’t think so… i predict mobile covers allowing users to close these cameras or cover these camera at will (in their control)…

You would have heard of mobile signal jammer (without your knowledge it distorts mobile signals so that your mobile phone just cannot be connected to make calls or SMS)… something similar will come to make sure that we can either distort the camera pictures when not in use or have a mobile cover (not from phone manufacturer but someone else… or might be from phone manufacturer themselves) which can be used to completely cover the mobile phone cameras (front and back camera)…

You might think that… what does this has to do with data…

Again, this is because today you allow apps to take pictures and records video without knowing when they will do it by themselves… who knows that at a particular time of day, they just wake up and start recording videos or take pictures…

I have already seen many colleagues in my workplace already started putting stickers on the laptop camera… what they don’t realize is that, in their pocket or in their hand they have mobile phones which has dual camera having high density clear lenses capable of taking HD quality photos and videos….

I am not against collecting these data and letting companies deciphering these images or videos… but i am against vendors doing this without our permission… now you will say, these companies ask for our permission and we have already agreed to this, but my view is we did this only once and after that, just because you have allowed them to do this, they can misuse this under that license agreement…

In this series, i have one more prediction, thats in regards to voice command being used to control apps… i had this in my head for long… but now i have seen multiple bloggers started to write this as another intrusion into our private life… again we know this and we have agreed to it… but my issue is we don’t have any control on when these devices need to listen and when not…

So my last prediction is soon coming and i would conclude my series on this with that last one…

Thanks for reading… share it if you like/agree… 😀

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Data, data everywhere… Prediction Three

I started this series of blog with my concerns at the amount of data that exist today. You can read the blog here.

After this blog i took the hat of an astrologer and started prediction…😀. My prediction one can be read as a blog here.

My second prediction can be read here.

My next prediction is in the area of mobile apps. Again, this is also very much inline with what i have been raising throughout this blog series.

Mobile apps today asks for various permission to use a number of device features. Once you allow, you don’t even know what all you allowed at a later stage. You have to dig hard (going through various taps and screens) to find these permissions and then disable it if you don’t want them to be used by these apps.

My prediction is that similar to browser, everything would be disabled by default. While installing also, these app vendors cannot ask to accept these permissions. Rather, when they start using that particular feature, app need to ask permission, each and every-time. What i mean by that is, whenever app tries to use a feature, it asks explicitly for what permission and then have to exactly say how this permission will be used. In addition, soon after its use, it again goes back into disabled mode.

As mentioned in my previous blogs, this is going to be tedious for customers/users. But, this is something which OS can take care and if due to any reason user feels tapping on these permission dialogs every-time tedious, they have a provision of enabling it for a period of time (say a weeks time, or a months time). After allowed period expires, again it goes back to disabled mode.

“Remember me” functionality in many websites, nowadays does have a provision of remembering username/password for a period, other than having it never for rest of the life (for a particular allowed browser).

Assume you allowed a particular app access to read gallery (pictures, videos etc..). You really don’t have any clue how and when these apps would be reading these files from your phone. Nowadays, every company in this world is trying to be so intelligent that they are ready to decipher an image, content of a video and so on, quite easily. Some pictures in your gallery would be very personal in nature and you don’t have any clue what these apps are deciphering meanings from these pictures. Also, these could be read and then stored in their digital asset library forever (for various purposes).

I am not saying that these apps would be using these gallery items in a bad way but if someone gets access to these content and then start using these in an unethical manner, its going to be really troubling for you and me.

Recently i did read (somewhere, i don’t remember) that a popular company gave their employees (mainly in support area) access to huge amount of personal data along with real-time information as to where their customers travel (where they start a journey, where they end the journey, what time of day journey took place and so on.) and then they used this information in an unethical manner for their own benefits.

The above is just one such incident and i am sure there are so many such instances out there. With more and more data available about you (with these app vendors), such misuse are bound to be a common problem going forward. Also, you have voluntarily given access to these data without much thought process and because of this you cannot raise any complaints but i am sure this will have huge repercussions on you going forward, which you are not aware off.

Think of such negative scenarios as well when you go ahead and click on “Allow” button on your phones going forward. I am sure there are so many positive aspects to share these data but over period of time, there will be so many negative aspects which could haunt you.

Mind you, its very hard to wipe your digital signature. If you think you have clicked on a particular picture and clicked delete. This in no way mean that the vendor will actually delete that picture. They could just make that picture as “ready for delete” and just leave it.

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) becoming strong day by day, i am sure these big names in technology would want to find out as to why you deleted that particular image and would try to put some intelligence and then can use that as a way to haunt you with something down the line.

These are just my thoughts. Yes, i might be thinking too much here…🤓

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Data, data everywhere… Prediction Two

I started this series of blog with my concerns at the amount of data that exist today. You can read the blog here.

After this blog i took the hat of an astrologer and started prediction…😀. My prediction one can be read as a blog here.

Continuing my prediction, in this blog i am predicting second thing which will become a norm going forward.

Incognito mode in browser as we call today would become the default mode…

Or Everything will be disabled by default and customer decides when to turn it own

Again it is not a one time business, rather have to be done every-time when something is happening and soon after that it goes again into disabled mode

Very soon someone would write a cool browser extension (i haven’t searched, whether is already one such extension) and whenever a website is trying to do A/B test on you (client side using a known vendor which the extension knows), the extension would recognize this and would gives a smily face indicating the customer that, this website is trying to test you… beware and here are the A/B versions.. website owners now feel that they are smart… this extension would make them feel otherwise by actually tweaking the A/B test which the owners of the website is looking at in anticipation…

Even if you are a male aged 50.. tell the website owner you are female aged 20 and see what is coming on the site… 😀

If browsers doesn’t make incognito a default… customer would be educated enough to always use incognito mode and they will make that aspect of a browser as default..😬

This will take out many security/privacy problems away from the end user and over the period of time such capabilities to understand the customer would be of no use. All these tests make sense if they collect right data… if crap data goes in… crap analysis would take place… better don’t use this crap data to entice customer anymore…

Also many of the analytics gathering scripts also be intercepted and adequate amount of details given to the customer to see what exactly is happening on the client side and what exactly the website owner wants to know about you…

Just imagine someone selling something to you looking at your color, religion, looks etc. In real world if a customer is looked in these aspects and then goods sold, they can file a case against you in court and i am sure they will surely win it in front of law..

Today without you knowing, this exact thing is happening by bucketing certain users in certain category ad then giving them offers.. enticing them to buy more…

I don’t like this aspect and i feel this would prompt customers to use browsers incognito mode by default… by the way many have realized this and already are doing this…😬

I have my next prediction coming soon… so stay tuned and subscribe to my blog…🤓

Note: Today there are extensions which look at a particular site and lists down all the technologies which is being used. If thats the case, finding whether an A/B testing script is injected and what are the variations will be a piece of cake. Similarly, this extension also lists down all cool analytics script and can also decipher what exactly is being send…so, things are already available to some extent…

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