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Resetting Admin Console Password in Weblogic

Is it that you installed Weblogic application server and because of your short memory forgot the password that you used for logging in as admin? I am sure many would have. In Google when i searched also i could find people who had the same issue.

In this blog post i am not going to write anything more, rather i would like you all to point to a beautiful online tool created Vladimir Dyuzhev in the below URL:




Its so cool that people take time out to write something for themselves and share it with the community for the benefit of all. This is awesome.

Also it would be good if you can Look into author’s FAQ (Right sidebar of the page), as it states there is no security issue in having such an online tool and it will not breach any security. Because of this, i would like to share this tool to the entire community.

I too faced the same issue recently and i did use this tool for getting my admin password. Mind you, the application server was not a production one, rather it was a local installation in my desktop.


Thanks Vladimir Dyuzhev. Appreciate it.

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