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Spring Book – Part 1 – Overview

Spring Framework is a Java platform that provides all-inclusive infrastructure support for developing JEE applications. It handles the almost all the plumbing/boilerplate code required for your application so that you can focus on your business specific logic while building your enterprise application. Simple Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) becomes powerful objects having middleware services like security, transaction management etc. inside the Spring Container. Part 1 introduces you to the Spring Framework and also tries to introduce various core concepts on which Spring Framework is built on.

In Chapter 1, “Introduction”, you will get to know overview, history, overall architecture, building blocks, and features of the spring framework in detail.

In Chapter 2, “Getting Started with Spring Framework”, I will show you how to get set up for building applications with Spring Framework, and I will introduce the sample application on which the book is based. Chapter 2 also introduces some basic concepts that are essential for understanding Spring in a holistic way.

So here we go, I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I did in writing it for you.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Getting Started With Spring

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