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Spring Framework 3: Beginner’s Guide

Recent press release dated 14-Mar-2012 by SpringSource and VMware highlighted very important findings from Evans Data Research regarding the growing popularity and benefits of using Spring Framework. More than two thirds of Java developers are either using Spring today or plan to do so within the next two years and those that do use Spring are 50% more productive.

Spring Framework is an end to end enterprise application development framework providing comprehensive infrastructure support built on Java and Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) technology stack. Simple POJO’s become powerful components in the hands of spring framework.

The framework is built on top of standard patterns and proven technologies. The proposed book discusses spring framework in a holistic way with special focus on the main ideology on which the spring framework was build. It also tries to help spring evangelist with a one stop book for covering the entire syllabus to get their core spring professional certification. To help readers comprehend better; real life examples and scenarios are used with code samples. With the growing popularity of Spring Framework, it has become mandatory knowhow for any Java Developer.

Style of the book

The book will cover Spring Framework in a holistic way and aims at bringing the core values on which the framework was conceived. If you are in the process of getting yourself certified as a Spring Professional, this book will help you achieve it. To memorize core concepts in spring; real life objects and scenarios have been used with appropriate code samples.

The book will be written using diagrams, screenshots, and illustrations showing the meaning of the code. The text will be broken up into paragraphs and helpful color-coded sidebars such as “certification tips”, “sample questions”, “FAQ’s” and “warnings”. A typical page will have liberal use bullets, tables, subheadings and other textual elements which provide readers with excellent scanning capabilities. This will assist readers  preparing for Spring Certification  in glancing through the main points in the book before the exam. The book will have a sense of humor without being obnoxious or cloying. Each chapter will give the reader a feeling of reading a blog with more concentration on the main topic in a concise manner. A real life sample application will be used in the entire book and various concepts will be covered around it. The book will be compelling, fun and inviting for the readers.

Target Audience

  • Java developers and architects who would like to use spring framework for developing their applications.
  • Java developers who aim to get spring certified and would like to have a single book to do the complete revision.
  • Java developers who would like to discover spring framework.

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Getting Started With Spring

Part II: Core Support by Spring

Chapter 3: Spring Quick Start

Chapter 4: Configuration Styles

Chapter 5: Application Configuration – Simplified

Chapter 6: Enterprise Integration

Chapter 7: Testing

Chapter 8: Data Access

Chapter 9: Transaction Management

Chapter 10: Caching

Part III: Web Application Development Support by Spring

Chapter 11: Spring Web

Chapter 12: Spring and Struts Integration

Chapter 13: Spring and JSF Integration

Chapter 14: Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow

Chapter 15: Web Application Security with Spring

Part IV: Enterprise Application Development

Chapter 16: Web Services – Spring WS

Chapter 17: Messaging with Spring

Chapter 18: Remoting

Chapter 19: Tasks and Scheduling

Chapter 20: Spring Integration

Chapter 21: Spring Batch

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14 thoughts on “Spring Book

  1. Hi Tomcy, thanks for sharing this, I have sent it to one of my relative and he liked it very much.

    Mansoor – SkyChain Support team member.

  2. Tomcy

    I don’t know jack about this. But very impressive that you are putting this effort to building this. Great job man! Someday, when I get lost in a book shop, I hope to catch your name TOM ‘java clan’CY

    Good luck bro..

  3. Great work! And thanks Much. This was very helpful. Keep the good job going.
    One doubt though – Isnt attending a class a mandatory prerequisite for Spring Core Certification? (and Course fee seemed steep)

  4. Dear Tom,

    Great to see this book it really helped me at times.

    I am novice to spring. Currently working on Spring Batch. It is working great with flat file systems. But I have a requirement to schedule the task to process excel reports [which is from another system] and upload it to Oracle DB. I tried googling but nothing helped me out. I have faced many issues while reading excel documents and also while configuring Oracle DB. Kindly help me. Please provide me with detailed information.


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  6. This is really a great job to do and publish it for the user and let them use it for their usage and knowledge. I really appreciate it personally, As I’ve also started to learn spring and this site helps me lot to understand the basics and other uses. Specially, I have learnt lots of useful thing from the comments. Those are really helpful and useful to understand it.
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    Thank you for your efforts.!

  7. Spring framework could be regarded as one of the strongest framework of java, specially when it is integrated with hibernate.

    Thank you for sharing this in depth, article.
    Could you please point me to article where you have talked about the integration of the two ?

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