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While reading any blog, usually i do keep a note of things. What I do is, i copy and paste the relevant and catchy sentences into a draft mail with appropriate references possible and when i finish reading a content i send that mail to my personal email address for future reference. What happens is that, these posts/notes that i make after reading through various blogs/Wikipedia etc. get lost in my email and is not a value addition for myself and my programming community.

In this page what i would like to do is can be summarized below is bullet points:

  • each post will contain details for a particular topic in the world of programming (most of the time) which i find interest and find time to read.
  • it will not contain any ORIGINAL material from my end, rather it will contain the main points which have been extracted from various sites/blogs/Wikipedia etc. in some structured manner so that a reader can get the CRUX of that topic in a sequential and holistic manner at one place.
  • each post will have a reference section towards the end. Usually when i copy+paste, I make it a point to copy the URL and update in the reference section. I will try to do it for each and everything that i copy. If due to any reason i miss, please put a comment on the post and i assure you that i will put the URL as reference for sure. I wouldn’t want me to take undue credit for any work other have put hard work into.

What I feel: Sometimes even though you have so much to learn, you will not know as to where to start as the topics in the world of programming is huge. You can come to this page to get a topic, skim through whatever is written down and decide whether you want t really go deep into it and learn yourself.

Please follow the link for all the posts which are categorized as “What I Read” section in my site.



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