Data, data everywhere – Prediction One

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog which can be read here.

In this blog, similar to the first one, I continue my rant and more importantly I predict some aspects which will become a norm going forward.

I am sure I am not the only one thinking this way…but being a blogger myself I thought I will just offload what I have in my mind…for my own reading when I become old and be proud that I once predicted and now it’s all happening 😀.

In regards to browser applications/websites, below is my prediction number one.

At the moment, many sites asks for your permission or rather display an attention message which says that they are using cookies to store information. This will and should be extended to other storage mechanisms like local storage, session storage, indexed db and so on.

Most importantly, this will not be a one time affair. What I mean by that is, today it just displays once and when you say yes (granted permission), they (websites) keep using that as an excuse and keeping storing things in it. Today it (websites) doesn’t state clearly as to what they are storing. Going forward I expect this will be a rule enforced which should convey to the user what is getting stored and this message need to pop up every-time when there is change to any of the properties being stored in these storage mechanisms.
I am sure, it might turn into a big nuisance but some people might not mind in doing this. If the website wants you to say yes to everything and permanently allow this, they will use the tactics of flooding you with such information till you say…don’t ask me for next 1 year…also it’s important to note… every-time there is a change it need to specifically say what is getting changed and what is new and old value along with reason for storing it. There should also be an option to not allow certain data if the user doesn’t give website owners permission.

That’s too much isn’t…wait this will be something which will be useful going forward. People are indeed realizing the value of privacy policies and they wouldn’t mind (according to me).

I already have my second prediction lined up in my head. Soon, i will try to offload that as well in another follow-up blog post.

Thanks for reading. Keep sending your views.

Note: I am in no way disregarding the importance of data lake for an enterprise, in which enterprise data is aggregated and collected in one place to do various analysis real-time as well as in batch mode. My book namely “Data Lake for Enterprises” in fact advocates that. But, i am against collecting huge amount of data from your customers and then using it for their own gain with properly educating the customer (customer rights in my view). If they willingly accept for transferring their data (so called privacy related data), i am all in for that.

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