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JavaScript Database Library – Part 1

JavaScript is a universal language now. Its popularity, usage and its capabilities will keep increasing day by day. The future of especially web application development is in the hands of JavaScript and its various libraries and frameworks.

With node.js, JavaScript has also captured the niche server side as well in storm. In distant future, just by knowing JavaScript you would be bale to code an entire web application, both server and client side with ease.
This post, i cannot call as a very good blog post, but i just wanted to share the list of JavaScript database libraries i just searched using Google. Some of them might not be that useful a library as of now but can go on become more mature down the line.

The below lists some of the JavaScript database library:

TaffyDB – http://www.taffydb.com/
Lawnchair – http://brian.io/lawnchair/
Storjsdb – http://code.google.com/p/storjsdb/
Jstorage – http://www.jstorage.info/
SQLite – http://www.sqlite.org/
YDN-DB – http://dev.yathit.com/ydn-db/index.html
PouchDB – http://pouchdb.com/
Loki.js – http://lokijs.org/
XBSDB – http://xbsdb.org/
Store.js – https://github.com/marcuswestin/store.js
Sql.js – https://github.com/kripken/sql.js/
BankersBox – https://github.com/twilio/BankersBox
IDBWrapper – http://jensarps.github.io/IDBWrapper/
JayData – http://jaydata.org/
Kizzy – https://github.com/ded/Kizzy
Artemia – https://github.com/js-experiments/artemia
Strg.js – https://github.com/fend25/strg.js
localForage – https://github.com/mozilla/localForage
Rhaboo – http://adrianmay.github.io/rhaboo/

The above list was gathered from mere Googling and by reading through below sites:

These sites lists most of the JavaScript libraries which exists around the world written by awesome people.

Now the big question, which one should i use or standardize as the best one to develop a medium web application?
I don’t know, if anyone can help me, please drop me a comment and i will try to collate it and put another post, which would be more relevant and meaningful a post fr others.

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