Weblogic 11g and JMS

Write once, run anywhere….. This is Java as we know…. is it practically like that? Hmmm…. i don’t think so….

Running your once written application and deploying it in various containers according to your requirement is tedious and is very time consuming figuring out the nitty-gritties involved in doing so. Recently i had a project in which i am trying to do just that, write a web application, in fact a web service web application having capability of connecting to queues created in JBoss and Weblogic. I struggled initially trying to do this with JBoss (sounds amateur but i really did… yes as you call in Java world.. Jar hell). I struggled even beyond when i was trying to do this with Weblogic. I couldn’t do this till now but while searching in the internet there were some very cool blogs written on the Weblogic and JMS (yes basic stuff for senior developers). I felt these blogs as well written, easy to understand ones. Spending time writing such blogs really takes a hell lot of time and effort and in my blog i just want you guys to point to the right ones. I congratulate these bloggers and pat on their back. Here are some of these, purely with respect to Weblogic 11g and JMS.

Note:- I am not a great fan of Weblogic… 🙂


Basic stuff. Well written in easy reading pattern. By skimming through, you ca complete reading this in hardly 15-20 minutes.

Other following parts are also well written just giving those links as well below:-






That’s it folks. I am going to categorize these kinds of blogs under “Interesting Blogs” and corresponding technology equivalent.


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