SCJP – Quick Notes


# An empty source file will compile without error

# If a. java file does not contain a public class or interface it can have any name

# The Sun SDK allows one and only one public class or interface within a source code file.

# The filename must exactly match the name of the public class or interface declared in the file and have the .java extension #The java.lang package is automatically imported in every compilation unit, it does not have to be specifically imported

# It is legal to import a single-type and a package having the same names


import java.util.Vector;

import Vector.pest; // no compile error

# A compile error occurs if the same modifier appears more than once in a declaration

# Package access (no access modifier declared) is also referred to as friendly access

# A class may not be both final and abstract as an abstract class implies extension

# Multiple extends are illegal ie a class may have only one superclass

# If no extends clause is used, the class automatically inherits from the java.lang.Object class

# An Anonymous class cannot have an extends clause

# A class must provide a method implementation (execution code) for every method declared in or inherited by the interface

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