Spring Security – Multiple authentication providers

An AuthenticationManager is responsible for passing requests through a chain of AuthenticationProviders. It is very much similar to the filter chain in a typical web application.

These authentication providers are tried in the order shown (which is implied by the use of a List instead of a Set), with each provider able to attempt authentication, or skip authentication by simply returning null. If all implementations return null, the ProviderManager will throw a suitable exception.

Below is the spring bean configuration which can be used for setting up multiple authentication providers in your Spring application using Spring Security.


Sample 1:-

Sample 2:-

In the above sample configuration, both the declared authentication providers will be registered with authentication manager.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Security – Multiple authentication providers

  1. Hi,
    I am working to retrieve the password. the user is authenticated against org.springframework.security.ldap.authentication.ad.ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider. Since I cant retrieve a password from this provider, I wrote a custom provider that implements AuthenticationProvider and referred it in the auth manager config. I get the password from the method – public Authentication authenticate(Authentication authentication) throws AuthenticationException , but I was not able to store it for later use, please advice. Thank you.

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